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Fall 2023 Early Elementary Teacher Guide

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Fall 2023 Early Elementary Teacher Guide
Fall 2023 Early Elementary Teacher Guide
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Early Elementary (Grades 1 & 2)

Four Meaningful Steps in Each Week's Lesson!
  1. Focus In (activity options to explore the theme)
  2. Explore His Word (Bible lesson/study, Bible skills, Bible memory)
  3. Make It Real (activity options to help kids explore how to apply the Scripture)
  4. Live it Out (activity options to help kids respond personally to God's Word)

The Early Elementary Teacher Guide features:
  • 13 age-appropriate lessons
  • Spirit-led insights that reference the Holy Spirit as related to the lesson focus
  • Integrated Bible skills in each lesson
  • Quick Steps for an easy-to-prepare lesson
  • Pastoring Tips to provide relational insights that minister to children

Elementary Through PreTeen from IPHC Ministries on Vimeo.

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