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Not Just Another Book on Revelation - by Dr. Chuck Burks [Digital Download]

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Not Just Another Book on Revelation - by Dr. Chuck Burks [Digital Download]
Not Just Another Book on Revelation - by Dr. Chuck Burks [Digital Download]
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Not Just Another Book on Revelation
is an eschatological commentary that exposes the fallacies and errors in the various eschatological views. It takes us back to hermeneutic principles, allowing scripture to interpret scripture, considering history, first century church culture and traditions, idioms, Hebrew numerology, and biblical language.

 The commentary presents a parallel format with the Preterist view, which is a belief, centered around ad 70, that all prophecies have been fulfilled. As a partial preterist and historicist, the author explores most of the eschatological prophecies and makes biblical sense of them, exposing the fallacies of current popular beliefs, including preterism and historicism. He also recognizes truths where they exist in some of these viewpoints. This eschatological study is like no other, and will challenge the readers to lay aside all presupposed viewpoints and allow Scripture to reveal the truth.

Any serious Bible student or eschatological geek will want to explore this book before he engages in more dialogue concerning end times and Revelation. Every child of God should desire to be biblically correct in everything they believe and say! The challenge is… can you lay aside all preconceived beliefs and ideas about prophecies and the Scriptures before you study this book and approach it with an open, prayerful, mind?

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