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Winter 2023-24 Toddlers & 2s Teacher Guide

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Winter 2023-24 Toddlers & 2s Teacher Guide
Winter 2023-24 Toddlers & 2s Teacher Guide
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The Toddlers & 2s Teacher guide features 13 complete, age-appropriate lessons for more than two hours of active learning, plus:
  • Activity options for babies in each unit
  • 3-step learning process, loosely structured for ongoing learning
  • Pastoring tips to provide insights that minister to the hearts of toddlers
  • A variety of ways to teach the Bible concept using songs, rhymes, and reality-based objects
  • Baby Blessing related to lesson focus
Please note:
You do not need to order the Teacher Guide if you are ordering the Teacher's Convenice Kit as the Teacher Guide is also included in the Kit.

HeartShaper Toddlers from IPHC Ministries on Vimeo.

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